Next, we see another pipe organ but this one is special. You’ve seen rock musicians play keyboards with their teeth and feet? Well, this skeleton musician is playing, floating over the organ; his boney hands not even touching the keys. Try that, Elton John!

Surely, we’ve hit a sour note with this dude and he’s going to make a run at us...

Fooled again! It’s the girl next door, a tall, mean-looking lady in a nightgown who takes issue with us, bolting out from behind a curtain, displaying the head of the last person who disturbed her beauty sleep.

It’s best that we head for the basement area where we encounter a prisoner shackled in chains to the wall. We’re not getting any closer to him, but he seems to be getting in our faces. How is that possible? (SPOILER ALERT: Wayne designed this stunt with oversized hands so it appears closer to riders).

And check out the funky plumbing to the left. Never seen pipes and fixtures in those colors before. Wait a minute…there’s a water main break and look what sprouted out: a ghoulish street musician using a bone in his hand for percussion.

When it was suggested that the plumbing from the former workshop be hidden from the rider’s sight, Wayne insisted that it be included in his vision of a basement scene, so he proceeded to paint it in day-glow colors and add a giant faucet that he had created for another ride.

Wow, we just passed a scene with no startles and…oh, spoke too soon, that giant spider just tried to download us into his web site! And watch out! Some grotesque man is trying to bite us. Will this ever end?

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