Exiting the dining room and turning right, we enter a family room where we’re welcomed by appropriately, a skeleton family of four. Wonder which one is going to jump out at us? Surely one of the adults will. Yikes, it’s the long-haired youngster to the left who makes the move. Who’d have thunk it? Guess he’s learning a family tradition.
Leaving junior, we turn left into a storage room stacked with wooden crates. And what’s this large, screeching creature flying at us? It’s a grotesque giant bat. Wayne’s giant bat is very similar to Tracy models which “flew” over the heads of riders in numerous Tracy attractions, but unlike the other bats, Wayne’s is attached to a wall-contained scissor extension mechanism that makes the bat fly eye-level at the riders and then thrash about in place. In Wayne’s words, he removed a purchased “torso of a man that moved out of a box” and installed his bat on the scissors. We applaud his decision!
  Wow, that was close, but look, there’s another giant rodent. It’s a Tracy-inspired Giant Rat atop a crate of cheese. Hey, someone’s inside the cheese crate is trying to escape. Could it be Mac? Wayne’s Giant Rat, shown here under construction, is a Tracy replica but not as tall. “I would have loved to make it bigger, but we just didn’t have the space,” says Wayne.

Veering into the next turn, we see a multi-tasking skeleton making a long-distance call while floating over his desk.  

But hold the phone, there’s an extended row of shutters to our right.

C’mon, we know something’s going to jump out at us. See those boney arms opening a shutter door?

  It’s a no-brainer…that’s where…oh no, fooled again! A ghoul in a business suit threw open another set of shutters and is growling at us. With his hanging tongue and torn attire, surely he had one tough day at the office.

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