Now, before we board the Dark Ride, here’s an important debriefing:

•  Most of the stunts were designed by Wayne Seddon, who launched his career working with the “Tracy Gang” shortly after Bill      Tracy’s death in 1974. Wayne’s brother Jack had worked for Tracy’s Amusement Display Associates in Cape May, NJ and Wayne    was added to the staff of talented designers who continued the business as “This Is, Inc.” in 1975. Wayne has been employed at    Gillian’s since 1989 and his creative work is displayed throughout the park.

•  The Dark Ride resurrects some elements from Gillian’s former dark ride Ghost Creek Caverns, a Tracy installation which closed in    1986. An indoor mini-golf currently stands in the Caverns’ place. More on that later. The nattily-dressed skeleton wearing    star- shaped sunglasses in the attic window was also created by the Tracy gang for Ghost Creek. The stunt was outfitted by    Wayne, originally for its appearance on a Wonderland Pier Halloween float.

• Most of the Dark Ride stunts were designed by Wayne, inspired by Tracy.

• Wayne’s stunts are supplemented by some created by Haunted Props of Deer Park, New Jersey
As we approach the Dark Ride we hear a crying baby. Who would take an infant in a dark ride? you ask. On closer inspection, the crying and cooing are coming from inside the ride, behind a metal screen window...
...And it’s not coming from your average baby either. This distorted baby talk seems to be arriving from another dimension...
...and so is that out-of-tune music box chime. And who’s whispering to the baby? Just hope we aren’t asked to babysit.
Looking above the boarded window we look to the attic windows for some assurance. If you consider the two skeletons smiling down on us reassuring, let’s go for it!

Approaching the queue area we see that the Haunted House was built in the middle of an old, abandoned graveyard with crooked gravestones protruding from high grass and weeds.
Like the gravestones, the ride’s windows are also crooked leaving us wondering if the architect has since gone underground.
Let’s take a deep breath and prepare to board our car. But wait, a human skull just popped out from behind two sliding panels, and it’s introducing itself as Dracula, welcoming us to its “eternal resting place.” And listen, at least the undead Count is a courteous host, “If you wish to leave, do so now, before it’s too late!”
OK, enough house-warming chatter...
  it’s time to ride.