"Angels" features a sequence filmed on location at Dorney Park with several views of some of the dark attractions.
Above left: Actresses stand on midway with Journey facade in background. Center: boat splashes down Journey's drop hill. Right: Exterior of Pirates Cove; Laffing Sal visible at front.                                                                                 Columbia Pictures

Above left: Standing by Journey's river as boat approaches at left. Center: Modified Pretzel Spin car exits from Pirates Cove, passing elaborate pirate scene mural. Right: Actresses talk in front of Whacky Shack, with Tracy spider creatures visible in background. Also, the film "Hairspray" (1988) contains a sequence photographed in Dorney Park in which Journey and the Iceberg are seen.                                                                                                                    Columbia Pictures

Above: Cars sold at auction in 1987. Top row: Modified Pretzel spin cars from Pirates Cove/Bucket O' Blood.
Bottom row: Early Pretzel standard logo cars from Devil's Cave.                                               Bob Ott Photos

Bob Ott got his first job at Dorney Park in 1937, as ride operator of the Devil's Cave. He soon began operating the Dentzel merry-go-round and the coaster. In 1940, he married Sara (Sally) Plarr, daughter of park owner Bob Plarr.
After serving in the Coast Guard Maritime Service during World War II,  he returned to work full time at the park in 1946.
In 1967, Bob became president of Dorney park, holding that office until 1980 when he became chairman of the board. His son, Bob, succeeded him as president.
Bob Ott retired from the park in 1985, and authored (with Wally Ely) "Dorney Park",  published by Arcadia Books.
In Memoriam
Bob Ott passed away on Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Laff In The Dark staff wishes to express our fondest gratitude to Bob for his kindness and generosity in sharing his memories, photographs and artifacts with us for this article.
Thanks, Bob - you were one the best!

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