Whacky Shack was right across the street from Bucket O’ Blood. It was a former skating rink. Skating was a very popular sport at the park. And then when it died, the building lay idle for a long time. With the advent of Tracy coming along and doing retheming and so forth, he and I got the idea of putting this Whacky Shack in. We used about one-third of the entire building. It was a typical walkthrough. A lot of it involved humor. We had this slanted floor and all the cock-eyed stuff that was so popular in the walkthroughs.
  We installed a huge air vent and fan in the roof to get the heat out
of the building. It was quite comfortable in there. This was another brainchild of mine - we had a wire-ceiling put in the ride. On certain days when I thought we might have trouble, I used to station somebody on top that could keep an eye on the kids so
  they wouldn’t tear the place apart. Once again, this was another building we lost by fire - in either 1972 or 1973.  Another sad loss, but that’s all part of the business, I guess.