Coney Island was once the home to over a dozen dark rides. Now it’s down to a precious few. Dante’s is a solid ride that has thrilled riders in the same spot for 36 years. Its legacy was enhanced over the years by the work by Mechanical Displays, Inc., the Scare Factory and the dedicated staff of Astroland Amusement Park. With the future of Astroland in doubt as of presstime, we sincerely hope that Dante’s Inferno will maintain its rightful place within the Coney Island amusement district.
Returning again to the hallowed grounds of Coney for this feature afforded Laff In The Dark the opportunity to visit the Coney Island History Project on Surf Avenue and to meet with Charles Denson, author of “Coney Island Lost And Found” - in our opinion - the most entertaining and definitive volume on the subject of Coney Island.

In photo: L to R, George LaCross, Charles Denson, Bill Luca

The author would like to thank:
Carol Albert and Mark Blunenthal of Astroland Amusement Park Lou Nasti of Mechanical Displays, Inc.

Photo credits: Bill Luca George LaCross