Suddenly, you’re in an Egyptian tomb where a gold sarcophagus opens revealing the mummy inside it. His looks could kill and so could the snake next to him, so you abandon any thoughts of stealing his treasure.
A turn to the left brings you out on the balcony where an unfortunate soul bound in a strait jacket hangs overhead. Then your car plunges down an open drop with spring loaded stabilizing bumpers on either side guiding your descent.
Back inside the Inferno a long-haired skeleton pops up from its hiding place and you’re face-to-face with a werewolf who howls after he, too, emerges from his leafy hideout. A spider below him spins a web.
Next you hear the voice of somebody pleading for help. “Please help me! Help me!” he begs. To your left you see the source of the pleas: a partially decomposed victim bound hands and feet in chains. The prisoner rattles the chains in an attempt to free himself, all the while asking for your assistance. You hear his cries fade as you approach your final encounter – another face-off with a gorilla, who hits you with a blast of his hot banana breath (actually compressed air) as you exit the ride into the safety of daylight.