As you enter a short, dimly lit corridor you are greeted by a decomposed female victim held captive in cage. (This stunt replaced the ghost on the garage door opener). She screams in agony as you head up the lift hill.
Looking forward, you see what appears to be a giant bat hanging in slumber from the ceiling. But don’t trust that bat – it’s really a vampire in transition who uncoils and lets out a sinister laugh as you approach him.
After ducking underneath the vampire you encounter a huge gorilla peering out from the jungle foliage, roaring and pounding his chest as if to claim his mini-jungle kingdom behind a sheet of Plexiglas. If you look sharply to your right, you’ll see the “retired,” unlit evil king, sadly dethroned by the gorilla.
Next, your car bursts through a set of double doors triggering off a realistic sound hit that turns a short, dark corridor into a harrowing experience. The sound of creaking wood is enough to convince riders that the floor beneath them is about to give way, making for an abrupt return to the first floor. Fortunately, the floor boards hold, but at the end of this corridor, you encounter someone who wasn’t so lucky. All that’s left of the victim is its torso, using what little life it has left to thrash in terror.
You leave that horrific sight and enter an elaborate funeral parlor with a pricey casket in place for a wake. You expect to see well-dressed mourners filing in at any second, but suddenly the dearly departed emerges from the casket, her face looking like her undertaker skimped on the embalming fluid. She lets out a blood-curdling cackle as she waves to you.
Exiting the woeful wake, you find yourself approacing the infamous Lou Nasti Butcher Shop. But don’t stop to take a number. The victim laying face first on the table apparently did; now he’s being treated like a slab of meat…literally.

Lou recalled recording the scream of agony sound hit to coincide with the victim’s ordeal. “He’s going through a lot of pain,” said Lou jokingly.