As you travel deeper into the mine, you finally find the ride’s namesake, the Lost Souls. It’s a wall of white featureless heads, most without eyes.  
  Without warning, the Grim Reaper pops up from below the wall, announcing, “Now you’ll lose YOUR heads!”

No joke. A slayer yielding a sword awaits you, heads of past riders at his feet. And he apparently takes his job too seriously - he’s holding his OWN head in his other hand!
Okay, so you escape the slayer, but you encounter the Reaper once again. “You thought you were free. Think again!” he screams. With that he ignites a wall of fire in a chamber filled with kegs of TNT. The ensuing blast sends a flash flood towards you, while support beams crack above - all the makings of cave-in.

Fortunately, daylight and the unloading platform are around the corner. You survived; your soul intact.