Okay, enough with the jokes. Letís move on. The next obstacle you encounter is a wooded maze as shown above. Each of the slats sits in grooves cut into the wooden frame and move from left to right. There are four sets of slats to navigate. Only the smallest of children can navigate through this without moving the slats. Once through the maze, you walk past the wheel house and out onto the deck where you meet Noah on the right hand side. His arm moves on the shipís wheel.

Walk past Noah and onto the front deck of the Ark. Turn left after leaving Noah and walk around the deck of the boat toward the rear. From this vantage point you can see the whale on the right hand side; this houses a staircase as shown later and has the same atomized water we seen in the mist tunnels coming out of its vent. Walk to the end of this path and you reach the back of the Ark.

Turn left again and walk down the eight stairs into the bowels of the ride. But first, read this warning. Think you should turn back now? Go down the stairs, and on the right, you see the next stunt: the shipís table. The table moves up and down with the rocking motion of the ark, originally thought to be powered of the same mechanism that enables the Ark to rock. It has since come to light from the original Le Roy Raymond patent that the table is in fact static and fixed to the base of the tray of water the Ark sits on. Itís a very effective stunt as it lifts up and down constantly with the mechanism. Walking past the table, the next stunt you come across is the rear of a pig.

And check out these drawings. This is scary? Walk straight past the rear of the pig then left into a passageway. And at the end of this passage turn right. Note the speaker on the wall.

Right again then left then you come out at a blue slanted wall which is the front of the boatís hull. At this point you need to lean on the hull and slide yourself across the passageway. Turn left after sliding across the boats hull and back into the room you just left but on the opposite side. Youíll also find a model of the Ark complete with rocking mechanism. What many people donít notice about is that a seagull has a nest in the Arkís chimney. When the Ark rocks, the seagull and nest pop up.