After scanning your wristband at the pay desk your quest begins. But you’ll be challenged by obstacles right at the get-go. Climb up two flights of stairs and cross over the small rope bridge and walk up to the front of the Ark, towards the covered tunnel.

Along the way a giraffe stares at you. Is he keeping a secret about what you’ll encounter? After a narrow escape from the tunnels, you wander outside the Ark where you’re faced with the next obstacle, the dreaded Lilly Pads which date back to the Ark’s origin. Step lively across the nine Lilly Pads or you’ll end up in the drink. If you have small children, you’ll need to assist them over the Lilly Pads which rock with your weight.

To add to your dilemma, a hungry leopard stalks you, hoping that you’ll step off the lilies and onto his dinner plate. Once you’ve survived the lilies, you walk up the ramp into the Ark where you’re greeted here by one of the older animated figures — a policeman. Better watch your speed as you walk up the ramp to the left. Here’s the view from the top of the ramp looking left then right.

Okay, let’s go into the Ark. On entering through the double pink doors, the first sight you see is the cow behind jail bars. Before getting to the cow, you need to follow a passageway on the left and go up a small incline. This shot is taken from directly in front of the cow. You can see the entrance incline over to the left in this shot. Follow the slanted floor round and you’ll come out of the passageway on the right of this photo.
You also find a couple of stunts here. The handrail in the above photograph has small pin prick sized holes, and as you walk over the sunken metal plate, the cow’s tail lifts up as if to break wind and the pin hole size holes blow out compressed air as you hold onto the hand rail. Now we know why the cow is in jail. She must be one old fart!