Above: Views of ark-rocking mechanics.
Left and below: wobbling steps and machinery located beneath.
     Today’s Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ark looks a bit shabby and rough around the edges, but that adds to its character. As I write this, the park has been painting the mountain and some of the characters and animals this season, hence making the ark and main entrance a bit more eye-appealing.
     The Ark will always be a popular attraction at Blackpool, especially with younger children who, before they enter the Ark, don’t realize how dark it can be. You often hear screams coming from the Ark as groups of young children creep through. Signs that read "Beware. It’s scary inside" add to their fear.
     Blackpool’s Ark will always have a place in my heart. I remember visiting the attraction when I was less than 10 years old and have probably been on it every year since. My first visit involved tears because of the darkness. My younger daughter first had a trip through the Ark when she was three --- and it involved tears too, so we have that in common.
The author would like to thank the following people from Blackpool Pleasure Beach:
Sarah Jane Wright – Public Relations
Andy Holt – Park Operations
Ted Lightbrown – Archives
Karen Moss for giving me the walkthrough
Christopher Merritt - Venice ark photo
Also, I’d like to thank Les Tomkinson for the use of his postcards