Also in this room is a gag where the water runs uphill. Here’s the receiving barrel at the end of the water track. And there are other items strange items here, including a framed zebra portrait and this funky foot device.

Speaking of feet, watch your step as you face the wobbly stairs. Then it’s back into the daylight of Mount Ararat where you discover a multi-color disk. A left-hand turn brings you to a s-shaped path into the mouth of the Ark’s oldest passenger, the whale. In the “belly of the whale” you encounter yet another staircase; this one with 11 steps.

Catch your breath at the bottom of the stairs and walk left over a drawbridge. But be careful not to fall into bottomless well! If you reach this point safely, you are dared to lift a hatch.

Inside this room is a very small living room with a chair, TV and a potted plant. The plant has a small camera mounted inside it. When you look through the hatch your face is displayed on the TV monitor. If the sight of that image doesn’t make you dizzy, your next challenge over a spinning floor disk will. After it is a moving cakewalk, and walking it is no piece of cake! Whilst walking over the cakewalk, you’ll want to check out the waterfall through the portholes. And then get ready for parting shots – a walk over two floor panels. The first panel bangs the floor when you step on it; the second shoots compressed air up your legs and blows a small jet of air onto your head. Then turn right into the turnstile at the end of the ride...
and you’ll have completed your journey through Noah’s Ark!