Then it’s time to come face to face with the pig. If you have kids with you, plan on pausing here while they take turns to ride it. The pig rocks back and forth thanks to some springs embodied in the mechanism. And while you’re waiting, take time to reflect on a distorted view of reality. Below right - The sign reads “Step in and see the weirdest animals in the world!”. Crawl under the panel and stand up. The room inside is filled with mirrors. Guess what? You are the strangest animal in the world! Hey, don’t take it personally! Shake it off and walk down the next set of steps.

The sign is there for a reason. Anyone above four feet in height will have to duck down to get down this flight of steps (16 in total). The ceiling is very low, hence very padded as you can see. Here’s another shot of the steps taken from the bottom looking up. Turn left at the bottom of these steps and again walk into the darkness over the two wobble plates. These boards aren’t air assisted — they just wobble when you walk over them. It can be very disorientating in the dark. Getting that sinking feeling? You will when you walk across the sponge floor.

Are they snakes? Are they animal tails? When you walk through the hosepipes in the dark, your imagination runs wild. There are sets of hosepipes on both sides of the corridor. Turn right then left and past the control room doors. . . . and walk, in darkness, over the wobbly plate. The plate activates a compressor which starts banging at the floor plate underneath. Then, at the end of corridor, get a blast from the past — a blast of compressed air from above.

Hey, there’s something fishy going on at the end of the hallway! Have you ever been in a fun house that houses a fish tank? Only in Blackpool’s Noah’s Ark! Ever have one of those days when you feel like you’re getting nowhere fast? That’s what happens after you leave the fish tank and enter the “endless corridor.” There’s a strobe light at the end of the corridor that maximizes the forced perspective, making it appear more narrow the more you proceed. Turn right at the end of the corridor and you see the first of many 3-D faces in the wall. As they say in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, “Who are those guys?