In 1980, the motion picture "The Funhouse" was filmed on location in North Miami for release by Universal Pictures the following year. Interiors were shot at the Norin Studios and exteriors utilized the facilities of the Megerle Shows carnival. The producers availed themselves of the opportunity to rent many of Van Olkon's creations as set decorations, and they could not have chosen more wisely for such an authentic look and feel for their movie. In the title sequence alone (see below), more than a dozen ADC figures are shown in full motion. Watching this sequence, the viewer becomes aware of the intricacies of movement that were built into Olkon's creatures, rivaling the subtle qualities of antique automata and much more sophisticated than the standard dark ride stunts of their time.
Universal Pictures

"Hardly Working", a Jerry Lewis film, employed many of
Van Olkon's animated circus clowns and animals, in 1980.
20th Century Fox