A great dark ride surrounded by four of its great stunt figures made by
Animated Display Creators. The classic Laffland Pretzel ride at
Sylvan Beach Park, New York, glows on a warm summer evening.

Van Olkon and Jean Szikura
ca. 1995

On behalf of Laff In The Dark, I would like to recognize the generous cooperation of the following individuals without whose help this article would not have been possible:

Diane Olkon, daughter of Van Olkon, who furnished ADC advertising material and who graciously related personal remeniscences about her father.

Ken Olkon, son of Van Olkon, who provided historical information about his father's endeavors and recalled his experiences with the company.

Kevin Arrow, Exhibition Coordinator & Registrar, North Miami Museum of Contemporary Art, who contributed invaluable information on his experiences with Van Olkon, and who allowed us to include photographs and items from his personal collection.

My colleague George LaCross, editor of Laff In The Dark, who did significant media
and public records research.

Peter Szikura, collectibles dealer and restorer, who had an ongoing acquaintance with Van Olkon over several years and who acquired a substantial amount of the remaining ADC inventory near the close of the company's operations.

Graham Trievel, collectibles dealer, who allowed us access to the
Animated Display Creators archival material and original ADC figures in his collection.

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