A Little boy and his father  walk up the street on a brisk, yet cool Fall evening  from a new Town House,  just built in the area, after a hearty dinner, this five year old  looks at the Fun House  and  then asks his daddy: "Dad, what was that over there?!?"  His father grunts out loud then responds: "Son, I'm  not too sure, we never did get over there too much".

  The author wishes to Thank the kindness of both Fun House Owners Paul and Virginia Hajostek as well as Anthony Mancino  and the  "Laff-In-The-Dark Staff  Pirates", Bill  "Captain" Luca and George "First Mate"  La Cross for putting up with my constant ramblings on what a fine ride this was and hopefully  may still be. Thanks Guys! And a Special Big Laff Thanks to Rob and Laurie Leddy who first put me onto this ride and who care, as much as I do about its future, as well as Charles J. Jacques Jr.  

Entire article C 2001 by The Dark Ride and Fun House Historical Society and used with permission. All photos C 2001 by Bret Malone except where noted. The Dark Ride and Fun House Society as well as http://www.laffinthedark.com/ are NOT related in any way to the parks or rides mentioned on this website. Special Thanks to Allen House and Mad-O-Rama Studios for there help with this article. The Staten Island Fun House, Long may She Live!!!  PS: The Dinosaurs are Hungry!

Time, as always, marches on. Since this article was published in 2001, the Funhouse has closed. The equipment was sold to a private owner and is not for sale. If and when the ride is put back into service, we'll post a full report in The Laff Track.