A plea of "Help" makes the rider look up to see this rather large and threatening "Bird" from the stone age era. The "Bird" squawks  at his prey, which is you!   This large scene is toward the back right corner of the ride, and there is allot going on here. Dual vultures make a racket while snakes "Hiss" at the rider.
  At  this same scene is a simple floor-mounted lever that trips a hidden air compressor that hits the rider with a sharp blast of air. Hold your Hats!  
  Note the long corridor with walls that go all the way to the buildings roof. This hides  the large props and what is to come next very well.  
  Next up we get to view Two new dinosaurs that seem to be playing, that is, playing........ until they see us! Yikes!  
  Here we get to see how the old "Car Headlights" trick works.  Two spot lights, a painted car grill and an air-horn make up this simple, yet effective stunt.  
In this, the largest of the rides scenes, a Giant Spider attacks two hapless victims.   These poor guys never had a chance as they look up in horror at the spider as a clock behind them counts down their time left to be alive.
  This space looking Alien stares at the Spider getting ready to eat his lunch!  
A next to last final turn will lead us to the final set of scenes as we are getting close to the rides exit.   A large hand "Thumps" up and down upon a poor victim as yet another space looking monster grins at us!
While most of the speed of the rides Pretzel cars run very, very slow, in this the last stunt, the cars suddenly get a rush of speed as the lights come on in this large stunt area, providing the rider with yet another thrill! How is that done you may ask? The Owner has his lips sealed, yet another  mystery !
Here is our "Old Alien" looking friend, looks like someone or some thing is behind him and is going to eat him too!                 This is it, the exit as the car bumps through the crash doors with a loud "thud". Did you enjoy your ride?!?
          A FINAL LOOK!