Our ride starts here with this innocent little scene, but.... beware, this is as easy as things will get!  
This is the first Big Scene with these two guys looking for some dinner!   I Hope this wasn't someone that you knew! I'm glad not to have had a "Hand" in this!
This particular Pretzel runs on the wooden floors with no extra wood for the wheels to carry on. Wooden planks are replaced as needed. The track was never greased.
This "Giant Head" is munching on some poor soul. He growls as he eats and Rolls his eyes as you pass! Note the coffin on the left hand side that is hiding!   Classic, Standard Pretzel "S-Curves" abound everywhere you look. There are several partitions that hide most of the ride. Here we are midway on the right hand side with a long way yet to go.
Here you can see some of the wear and tear the floor gets due to the heavy weight about 400 plus pounds of a standard Pretzel cart.
In a rarity among Dark Rides, the Staten Island "Fun House"  is what is termed by Bill Cassidy of  Pretzel Ride Company fame a "Backwards Pretzel" thus gaining its name for loading its patrons on the opposite side of the rides facade.  Most Dark Rides in General load from the right side and enter into the building on the left  side of the facade.
This little "Drummer Man" is thought to be an original plywood prop from the rides old "Laff-In-The-Dark" Days!  It now stands guard under the "Hula-Girl" stunt that is in storage up in a warehouse  area. This ride is known as one of  less than 20 to "buck" this all too familiar trend. Another example of a "Backwards Dark ride"  would be the Laff-Staff Hit and  current fan  Favorite:  Rye Playland's "Zombie Castle", Rye Beach New York., which loads from the left and enters from the right. This "Wolf-Head" is yet another mystery of a company that built several Animal head props for "Laff-in-the-Dark" facades throughout the Northeast and that many a classic ride had at one time!
This Pretzel runs extremely slow compared to other models using low-horsepower motors on purpose enabling patrons to view all the large dioramas. Here, we progress toward the back section of the right side of the layout.
Why did this ride go against the industry common model with  a few select others getting built up in this manner? The Mystery remains, although Mr. Cassidy states in fact that this was not a company built trait, but very possibly something requested of the owners to fit the  available building space.
Here, there is a bunch of things happening at once, overloading your thoughts!  While the Dinosaur feet "Stomp" up and down, the Devil takes a "Whack" at you!  Note the body on the ground in the near area. A rather large scene, but common for this ride which relies on its large dioramas for its fun! This is also considered by "Those in the know"  as a ride with "Classic Pretzel Cars". There were over seven  variations of the Pretzel ride cart over the years including a rare set of  Fiberglass Cars that debut in the mid 1970's! Here is a side "Close-up" of the Laff- Staff Favorite stunt! Other duplicates of this prop were at the now defunct Riverside Park  "Laff-In-The-Dark" as well as the current operating stunt in the revered Coney island "Spook-A-Rama". While the manufacture  remains a close lipped mystery, sources claim its origin in P.A.
  While not the most newest "Technology"  the simple act of hanging string in the dark presents itself a new kind of "terror" for those that have never experienced it themselves!  A "Classic Pretzel"  style gag indeed!