If you're interested in joining Laff In The Dark in our efforts to inform park officials and elected representatives that the park's plan to remove Zombie Castle and Flying Witch is a bad one,
you can add your name to a petition that we're preparing. If there's solid participation, we'll print and send the petition to all pertinent officials.
They're the ones who control the money.

Take action now and tell them you don't want them messing with your park. You've got nothing to lose but two of the best traditional dark rides you may never get the chance to ride again.

We the undersigned support Laff In The Dark's campaign to keep the Zombie Castle and Flying Witch dark rides operating at Rye Playland Park and are strongly opposed to the decision to remove these rides, which have been safely operated at this park for more than 70 and 37 years respectively. We also believe that the time-tested policy of utilizing a combination of park-managed rides and concession-owned rides has been proven to be the most efficient model of operation for this park, limiting the use of county resources while affording the greatest flexibility and ease of operation, and that the additional burdens of purchasing, maintaining and managing the entire ride inventory may ultimately result in higher costs to the county at a time when many are calling for a reduction of its involvement in the park's operation. We also believe that these questionable plans to increase revenue are far more likely to decrease patron satisfaction. Discarding the Zombie Castle and Flying Witch rides in favor of modern replacements, which cannot compare with the nostalgia and quality of these vintage attractions, would be a tragic mistake and a huge expenditure for the county. Please consider the feelings and opinions of local citizens and park patrons everywhere who look forward to enjoying these rides on every visit to Playland.
Thank you for your consideration.





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