If you're interested in joining Laff In The Dark in our efforts to inform park officials and elected representatives that the plan to remove Zombie Castle and Flying Witch is a bad one, and you don't want to write, call or compose your own message, here are two convenient avenues you can take.

The form on this page will allow you to affix your name to a pre-composed message expressing disapproval of the park's intentions. Just fill in your name and email address and click the submit button and an email will be automatically generated and sent to the state legislators listed on the previous page. They're the ones who control the money. A copy will also be sent to Laff In The Dark for our files.

In addition to the message form, you can

Click here to go to a page where you can add your name to a petition that we're preparing. If enough names are gathered, we'll print and send the petition to all pertinent officials.

Take action now and tell them you don't want them messing with your park. You've got nothing to lose but two of the best traditional dark rides you may never get the chance to ride again.

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to my elected officials.
Keep the Dark Rides in Rye!



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