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We, the undersigned, support Laff In The Dark's campaign to keep the Zombie Castle and Flying Witch dark rides at Rye Playland. We hereby declare that we are strongly opposed to the decision to remove these rides which have been operated safely over a period of approximately 70 and 37 years respectively, have a rich heritage at this historic park and are two of the finest rides of their kind in the world.
We are convinced that the stated policy of the park to assume ownership of all the rides resulting in the decision to banish these popular and spectacular rides would be a tragic mistake. Modern replacements could not compare with these the nostalgia and quality of these vintage attractions and would be a huge expenditure for the county. We ask you to consider the feelings of local citizens and patrons and to oppose the arbitrary decisions of consultants whose plans to increase revenues may instead decrease patron satisfaction with the unique qualities of Playland Park.