When I finally approached the Kastle on next year's 1970 visit, I noticed one person chasing another around in circles on the second balcony. Getting closer to the ride, I recognized Frankenstein’s monster reaching for a maiden in Victorian era garb. I had seen a similar scene with two figures on a hidden turntable – it was part of a bar scene inside Crescent Park’s Riverboat dark ride where a bouncer was chasing a deadbeat. The other change I immediately noticed was that the giant skull over the entrance had its dangling eyeball removed and was painted over in yellow and red florescent colors. Also it seemed to have some fangs extracted.
As for the “All New” moniker, there were many improvements including additional backlighting which better illuminated the newly-repainted stunts. It seemed every piece in the ride experienced the brush. There were some new additions; good and some not so good. The male and female victims bound to the counter-spinning wheel at the end of the revolving barrel were replaced by a snake illustration…that was a disappointment to me.
The graveyard scene had been transformed into an Egyptian tomb of sorts, complete with an upright sarcophagus… lid opening, revealing a mummy. Curiously, a conventional coffin, with corpse, was retained from the graveyard scene.
Even more bizarre was a new scene containing various jungle set pieces, including a gorilla, all behind chicken wire, leaving me to believe these that props were originally intended for the Congo Cruise.

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