Back inside the Kastle, I was greeted by Tracy’s Cuckoo Clock stunt: a distorted grandfather clock in which the clock face opened and a crazed duck extended towards me, than snapped back. There was a loud “quack” sound it to accompany the duck’s attack.
  It was apparently time to leave the clock, as my coffin made a quick descent back to the first level, passing two large hypnotic disks then into a corridor where all the wall illustrations and stunts on either side indicated all things giant spider and sure enough there was one on a half-wall overhead; to the right, a female victim trying to escape from its web, her efforts obstructed by a strange creature protruding from her body. I could hear her faint screams.
After pushing aside a final gravestone (this one about a foot high) it was through two sets of double doors and back into the afternoon sun. There was a sign instructing me to lift my lid and exit to the left. I did just that, but took a moment just before I pushed open the exit gate, to reflect on this very unique and entertaining dark ride.
  An August 1969 visit found the Kooky Kastle boarded up but it was promising to see signs reading “Coming in 1970 - The All New Kooky Kastle". The more I thought about it, the more I accepted the fact that the Kastle was in dire need of some repair, so this was for the best.

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