A turn to the left brought me down a long dark corridor where I could see what appeared to be a library about 15 feet straight ahead. As my coffin edged closer, I knew something was amiss about this library. While there were shelves stacked neatly with books, the room contained various family portraits of vampires. A long, slow turn to the right provided the evidence that this was no ordinary library. It was Tracy’s rare Vampire Study scene and seated at a desk, facing me was a shapely female vampire, her legs crossed and her breasts heaving. And that wasn’t a pen she was holding; it was a hypodermic needle! My coffin seemed to hit some skid-braking, slowing it down long enough for me to study the Study. There were many interesting objects, including a wedding portrait of sorts: Count Dracula carrying off the woman when she was a mortal; two fang marks apparent in her neck.
  Leaving the Study my coffin began to ascend and bring me to a graveyard scene where two propped up coffins opened up to reveal decaying corpses.

Suddenly the sound of wailing above me caught my attention. It was Tracy’s Swamp Ghost apparently mounted to a ceiling fan as he rotated slowly above me, just before I went through two sets of double-doors and outside to the second-floor balcony.
The ride outside the balcony was rather quick with little to see that year (more was to come in later years) except the numbers increasing in the queue below and a louder, clearer take on Dracula’s pitch to ride the Kooky Kastle.

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