Paragon Park Knit Wit Bill Tracy
Perhaps the most impressive new stunt was the addition of a vintage Tracy piece, Knit Wit: the seemingly kindly, knitting grandma whose swivel chair rotates to reveal that she’s a corpse. This new stunt borrowed space from the expansive Vampire Study scene. Unfortunately, with the new set-up, riders were distracted by Knit Wit and could easily miss the adjoining female vampire scene. All scenes, old and new, were now protected by chicken wire.

A second barrel was added for good measure, only this one never rotated when I rode it; only the spinning hypnotic-type wheel at the barrel’s end revolved.
Below: Barrel spinning disk mechanism
Paragon Park Kooky Kastle Laff In The Dark
Paragon Park Kooky Kastle dark ride
Above left: Ramped floor section. Above right: Stabilizer and bumper to slow car before entering floor decline.
Kooky Kastle tunnel
Above: Additional interior floor views.
Paragon Park Kooky Kastle track
Above left: Inclined floor section showing structural elevation. Above right: Track section leading to graveyard area.
Paragon Park dark ride
Above left: Graveyard corridor.  Above right: Turntable and motor drive for exterior display of damsel pursued by Frankenstein.
Laff In The Dark Paragon Park
Above left: Exterior view of later facade.  Above right: Exterior control area.
Kooky Kastle Paragon Park
Above left: Coffin car in storage after ride and park were demolished.  Above right: Bigfoot figure stands in later frontage.

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