Not far from the Cyclone coaster was the Old Mill. From all indications, this was built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company possibly a year or so after the completion of the Cyclone coaster. Mill rides were often situated beneath large roller coasters as a way of utilizing the large area of land occupied by the ride. The Mill facade prominently featured the Laffing Sal figure along with other animated funhouse decorations, all of which were products of PTC.

Left: An overhead view of the Old Mill tunnel. This was a relatively compact ride of its type with an unusual double-back configuration.

Part of the tunnel passed beneath the tracks of the Cyclone, which would have an unfortunate consequence in 1948.

Below: Street map shows the location of the Palace Arcade and the Old Mill on Old Orchard Street, with the latter's proximity to the Cyclone coaster.

Right: Partial view of Mill frontage shows a swan-shaped boat that entered the tunnel on the left side of the facade.


Below: Bystanders in the off-season of October, 1948 appear entertained by the burning Mill which had been renamed Laugh In The Dark. Its destruction would clear the area for the Palace Playland outdoor ride lot.
A hill of the Cyclone can be seen at left, soon to be ignited. Before it ended, the fire would devastate the entire block.

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