The more things change... Looking down Old Orchard Street toward the beach over three generations.
Below left: Overhead view of Old Orchard Street and the rooftop of the Palace Playland pavilion as they appear today. Across the street is the Grand Victorian condo complex. That's where Noah's Ark was.
Below: The modern Palace Playland signboard announces current and upcoming events.
Lower right: Palace Playland pavilion today.
Lower left: Maintaining the tradition of keeping a funhouse at Old Orchard - Palace's Grand Orient.

Above: The invincible
Old Orchard Beach Pier
overlooks the Atlantic.

Right: Bill Luca,
Dan Blaney
and George LaCross

Our most sincere gratitude to all who provided assistance,
historical information and photographs for this article:

Dan Blaney
Old Orchard Beach Historical Society
Bob Cohen
George LaCross
Joyce Rorabaugh
Cyndy Hall
Fred Dahlinger Jr.

We highly recommend
"Old Orchard Beach"
By Daniel E. Blaney
Click below for information
Old Orchard Beach (ME) (Postcard History Series)

Maine artist
Robert N. Cohen has produced a line of limited edition prints of his paintings of early Old Orchard Beach scenes. Click here for information

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