Above: The original Duffy-Rhoades Pier Carousel which was destroyed in the Forest Pier Hotel fire of 1923.
In 1924, Duffy purchased the new Dentzel ride shown in the photos below, along with the Noah's Ark funhouse.
Both attractions flourished for more than 40 years before being lost to the great fire of 1969.
Of all the attractions at Old Orchard Beach, I believe it is the Pier Carousel that is
remembered most fondly and missed most deeply by those who knew it.
For decades, this elegant ride linked the hilarity of Noah's Ark with the romance of the Pier.
Above: The carousel was built by and purchased from the William H. Dentzel Carousel Co. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also visible in the center of the ride is the Wurlitzer Style 157 band organ. Since Noah's Ark was also a product of Dentzel's company, one might suggest that the carousel and Ark (which opened in 1924) were purchased by Duffy and Rhoades as a package. Wurlitzer factory shipping records indicate this organ was purchased in 1924 by Dentzel and shipped to Old Orchard, presumably to accompany the carousel that he was delivering to Duffy's pier block.
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