The White Way amusements, Noah's Ark, the Coal Mine, Carousel and Pier all would eventually come under the ownership of John W. Duffy. The White Way sign in the photo above (check out those cars!) points to an alleyway around the corner leading to the White Way amusement area. In this corridor were games of skill and, along the right side, the Moon ride. As was mentioned at the beginning, this was a Pretzel dark ride. Unlike the Devil's Den/VooDoo Hut in Palace Playland, the Moon ride used the standard model Pretzel car. It
was located below the Ark and behind the Coal Mine. The ride seemed older than its Palace Playland counterpart, probably installed in the  early to mid 1940s. My impression was that the interior seemed to have been vastly altered over the years, unsurprisingly, and that it had not been maintained with the level of care exhibited in the Palace Playland ride. I remember seeing a stunt consisting of a tall grandfather's clock. No emerging snake or cuckoo bird here. Instead, there was a pair of mice running up and down the clock on a looping cable. I also recall seeing a number of unclad department store mannequins that were accompanied by illuminated signs with phrases such as "Kiss me again". It seemed quite bizarre to me then, but in later years I realized that the interior scheme had been shifted from a spook ride to more of a "Tunnel Of Love", perhaps assuming the purpose that the Old Mill had served before it went up in flames in 1948, a fate this ride also would share some two decades later.
George's recollections: "The White Way Pretzel ride (Moon Ride) had a bumpy floor. Not sure if the bumps were installed or the floor was uneven. I do recall a devil's head rising in a box. That's all I remember. I only rode it once.
I'm not sure why, other than that I rode the Ark, the Mine and Voodoo Hut multiple times so maybe I didn't want to push the envelope. I always assumed it was called the Moon Ride because of the facade moon head. That facade was cool and I liked watching it when my grandparents played games."
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