If Palace Playland proved insufficiently diverting, you had only to cross over Old Orchard Street to encounter another whole world of delight, a place called the White Way. The amusement block ran the length of Cortland Avenue from East Grand to the beach. Here among the full selection of rides and games popular of their times stood one of Old Orchard's true landmarks: the Jack and Jill Slide, installed in 1930. The long-time slogan emblazoned on the side of its loading platform challenged those who ambled along Old Orchard Street to "Take A Real Ride". The slide's summit was reached by riding small single tram cars drawn to the top by a motorized chain. The slide trough was lined with vulcanized rubber sheeting and riders were given a scrap of carpet to sit on as they coasted to the bottom and were slowed at the end by a wide canvas conveyor belt. The more elite of the ride attendants could surf down while standing upright.
Some time after arriving at Old Orchard, the young enterprising William L. White purchased a building on Railroad Square. He expanded and operated it as the Elite Hotel for several years before selling it to Edmund Goulet of Lowell, Massachusetts. White then built the White Cafe which burned down and was rebuilt twice. He went on to build the Hotel White-Hall. He followed this with the White Way amusement center. White later suffered severe health problems and became an invalid. Before passing away in 1937, he sold the White-Hall building to amusement promoter Edward E. Rhoades. Later, the White Way was sold to John W. Duffy whose pier property adjoined it.
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