The Palace Playland outdoor ride lot also featured a walk-through funhouse. Like Devil's Den, it backed into the pavilion and fronted toward the outside. The funhouse, for most of its life, went simply by the name "Funhouse".
As seen in the photo at left, this is how the Funhouse looked when I first saw it in the late fifties. As with several other attractions over the years on this side of the street, it appears to be a product of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.
In this case, the two decorative heads just below the overhang are the "Singing Girl" and "Giant" animated sculptures that PTC made for funhouse facades. This was also known as the "small funhouse" since it was indeed the smallest of three such rides at Old Orchard.

Inside were some dark corridors, a very confusing glass maze and a rotating wooden barrel, which I had to be removed from by the operator because I was spending so much time in it practicing my 'barrel walk'.

More views of the Palace funhouse over the years.

Above and right:
A more ambitious and traditional entrance using the classic clown-mouth walk-through.

With this, the funhouse finally got a distinctive name: Ton Of Fun

The final revamp saw this modern frontage, renamed the Clown House.

Soon afterward in 1972, the Palace Playland building would again be consumed by fire, ending the long-standing custom of a funhouse being integrated with the pavilion.

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