Believed to have been installed in the late 1920s or early 1930s, Mystery Castle was a hall of mirrors which ended with a Magic Carpet ride to the exit.
It was located on the left-hand side of the midway, across from The Whip. A Roll-O-Plane ride was eventually installed in the empty space to the Castle’s left.
The Castle had a short stay at the park as it was gutted in the 1940s for the interior installation of the Bubble Bounce. While few Bubble Bounces were enclosed, Crescent’s was, as it sat just inside what would have been Mystery Castle’s façade.

The rear of Castle building, once hallways with mirrors, was used for storage, although some of the mirrors were left behind, now reflecting distorted images of various articles and those employees who
retrieved them. Remnants of the Castle’s exterior art were retained including some of the turrets. And perhaps to pay homage to the former funhouse, park artist Len Minor painted a large illustration of a clown blowing a bubble on the wall behind the ride.

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